University Apparel – It’s Not Just for Kids!

College girlIt’s natural to want to show pride in your university. After all, as an alumni or a current student, it’s the center of your universe while you’re there, and the education and experiences that you had there have had a lasting effect, shaping you into the person you are today. There are other reasons to be proud of your alma mater: its history, its other alumni, the quality of education, the good works it does, and of course, its sports teams.


Universities like Indiana State are renowned for their school pride. Indiana State University clothing can be seen across campus and throughout Terre Haute, where ISU is located. Most students get their Indiana apparel from the Indiana University bookstore. Apparel ranges from hoodies and sweatshirts and sweatpants to headbands to coffee mugs, pencils, and vanity plates.


At the IU Bookstore, apparel can be had at market price… as in, kind of expensive. You can buy Indiana State University clothing wholesale, but of course, you’ll get it in bulk. Unless you need fifty IU t-shirts, then that probably isn’t an option.


Maybe you’re looking to sell your IU apparel of your own. Undercutting the IU bookstore is one way to make a profit off that, but you don’t have to use the official clothing of Indiana University apparel. Merchandising is always an option with a licensed property: by paying ISU the appropriate fees, you can produce your own ISU apparel and make a profit off that. Your own designs, your own materials, sold at your own store.


You could even put the university apparel for sale on your website. There are websites that sell university apparel for universities across America, often of its own design. In fact, you could take the same designs and just apply the colors, logo, and mascot of different universities as per customer request. All it takes is for you to pay the licensing fee.


Whether or not you’re planning to wear the apparel yourself or sell it at your store, physically or online, there are plenty of apparel options for your alma mater. Nothing says school pride like a school jacket or your university’s name plastered across your t-shirt at the gym. It’s also a great way to contribute to your school; after all, the money you pay for the apparel goes back to the university and helps pay for new future alumni. Showing off and giving back? What could be better!